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Angel London is a concept expressing itself in various forms. Driven by the loss of my 13 year old daughter to Batten Disease, a fatal genetic disorder in 2013, I rediscovered Art as a way to channel my grief and communicate with the outside world.

Over time, I discovered a connection with my work and realised that I was naturally driven to express myself creatively. After 20 years of disregarding my passion and my qualifications in Art & Design, I began to share my work and thoughts via social media. This gave me hope that, against all adversity in today’s society I feel that positive messages can change people’s lives; and I slowly found myself becoming an inspiration to others.

Having been fueled by followers appreciation of my art and self journey throughout my loss guided me to the name `Angel’. ‘Angel’ is my acknowledgment of my daughters life and fight for survival when all the odds were stacked against her. 

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