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I was always keen to draw and paint as a boy which eventually led me to a Diploma in Art and Design, followed by a Higher National Diploma in Signwriting and Calligraphy.

My initial moves towards a career as a professional artist were not realised until 2013 when, following the loss of my teenage daughter to Batten Disease, I rediscovered my calling towards art.


I moved to London in 2014, shortly after leaving a management role and began to channel my grief into artwork, communicating a message of hope and positivity in the face of unforgiving adversity and from sharing my vulnerability and raw passion, I managed to attract a strong social media following.

Working single-handedly I garnered the attention of galleries both in the UK & the United States.

Through the use of symbolism and pop culture references, I primarily create mixed media pieces on up-cycled materials using various painting methods, including traditional oil painting, sublimation pigment transfer and collage.


I create my art collection within London and also work in the U.S on smaller art projects, managing a gallery and curating space for a small number of local and acclaimed international artists, as well as showcasing my paintings for solo shows and working with staging companies to place my work into luxurious homes in Key West, Florida.

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