Inspired from my fashion photography background and interest in classic consumer culture and iconic brands and institutions.

This gorgeous Limited Edition print takes on the iconic Chanel No5 Perfume bottle and adds a contemporary twist with a digitally created pineapple, adding a subtle warm tones to entertain any white space.

Available sizes (International paper) 


*A5 - 5.83" x 8.27" (210mm x 148mm)
Printed on Giclee Paper/ 270gsm. 

*A4 - 8.27" x 11.70" (297mm x 210mm) Printed on Giclee Paper/ 270gsm. 

*A3 - 11.70" x 16.55" (420mm x 297mm) Printed on Giclee Paper/ 270gsm.

*A2 - 16.55" x 23.44" (594mm x 420mm) Printed on matte laminated classic silk paper/ 250gsm.

*A1 - 23.44" x 33.10" (841mm x 594mm)
Printed on matte laminated classic silk paper/ 250gsm.

All prints are carefully packed for shipping with durable wide postal tubes to avoid too much curvature, any print under A3 will be packed in a cellophane bag within a ridged hard back envelope and shipped by Royal Mail.

Chanel Vintage Pineapple