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Chanel watercolour vintage pineapple download file.


Once purchaced you will recieve an electronic file containing the image.

The image is saved high resolution of 300dpi, which means that you can either print the image

yourself at home, or have a company print it for you on your behalf.


I can recommend Instantprint in the UK to ousource the printing, or MPIX int the US - if you need any other solutions, send m a message and I will help you.


Recommended sizes to print:


*A5 - 5.83" x 8.27" (210mm x 148mm)
*A4 - 8.27" x 11.70" (297mm x 210mm)
*A3 - 11.70" x 16.55" (420mm x 297mm)

*A2 - 16.55" x 23.44" (594mm x 420mm)
*A1 - 23.44" x 33.10" (841mm x 594mm)
*A0 - 33.10" x 46.80" (1189mm x 841mm)

Chanel watercolour vintage pineapple (download)

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