Viva La Frida Kahlo is a charcoal and oil pastel finished portrait, based on my interpretation of one of the most inspirational artist from the 1920's. To finalise this piece I fashioned Frida's bouquet with flowers that she also painted in her portraits, together with an overlay of various original news articles of her life and inspirational story.


Available sizes (International paper)


*A5 - 5.83" x 8.27" (210mm x 148mm) Giclee Paper/ 330gsm.

*A4 - 8.27" x 11.70" (297mm x 210mm)  Giclee Paper/ 330gsm. 

*A3 - 11.70" x 16.55" (420mm x 297mm) Giclee Paper/ 330gsm.

*A2 - 16.55" x 23.44" (594mm x 420mm)  Giclee Paper/ 330gsm.

*A1 - 23.44" x 33.10" (841mm x 594mm) Giclee Paper/ 330gsm.



Any questions please let me know:) 


Viva La Frida Kahlo fine art print

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